Navigating life with a teenager….who happens to have bipolar disorder

As you may have read in a previous post, there is an animal sanctuary not too far from where we live.  It is called the Noah’s Ark Wild Animal Sanctuary and it is located in Locust Grove, GA.  Usually, Noah’s Ark focuses on wild animals that have been abused or displaced.  Right now, they have taken on another group in need of help.  They have rescued over 30 dogs from a local puppy mill and will care for them until they are ready to be placed into homes (news report in link below).

Noah’s Ark works on donations only, they do not charge the public to visit their sanctuary or use their picnic/playground facilities. Everything they do, they do for the animals. It has become a goal of our church’s VBS this week to help Noah’s Ark take care of these dogs in need.  We are  collecting dog food, towels, blankets and monetary donations for them.  For my readers that are local, if you are in the Newton and Rockdale county areas, donations can be made at First Presbyterian Church in Covington.  If you are reading from a distance, donations can always be made directly on the Noah’s Ark website.

Thank you in advance.


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