Navigating life with a teenager….who happens to have bipolar disorder

The Long Road to Relaxation

It was supposed to be a 4 hour ride.  I finished work at 3pm and the kiddo and I hopped into the already packed van.  We headed out to pick up my bonus kid, Megan and then to the campus where my husband works to add him to our troupe of travelers.  By the time we left campus and made our way into the Atlanta traffic, we were already later than planned… was the start of rush hour on rt285.  Anybody that has ever driven in Atlanta knows that there is no point to even say you are actually driving….because the truth is you are sitting in a parking lot….sometimes getting the opportunity to creep forward for a few feet. It was about 30 minutes into our traffic sitting that I looked at my husband and said,” I hate driving in this, why didn’t I make you drive, again?” . He responded “I was wondering the same thing”.

I had mapped out our trip and we had the GPS in my van….but he decided to use the GPS in his phone….which took us a completely different way than I had planned. We had 2 teenagers grumbling in the back seat, asking how long it would take to get there. One of CJ’s wonderful OCD tendencies is to fixate on time.  If the trip is supposed to take 4 hours, then, according to him, we should be there in 4 hours.  No amount of traffic or the fact that he drank 6 bottles of water and had to stop to use the bathroom 3 times, would convince him that we weren’t going to be ‘on time’.

Into the mountains we went. The moon rose and was a glorious light to drive by.  The kids finally took a nap and it was peaceful for the last hour of the trip.  As we drove through the mountain town and pulled up to the hotel, at almost 9:30pm, the long ride was worth it. The kids were in awe of the mountain retreat, aptly named Montreat. They said it was like we were in a castle and I would have to agree.


Montreat Conference Center, NC

It may have taken us a while to get here, but hopefully we will all find a little peace and relaxation with some other members of our church family. There are more adventures in store for us, I am sure, before the course of this weekend is over.


Comments on: "The Long Road to Relaxation" (3)

  1. That looks just beautiful SC, make sure you snap away whilst you’re there! 🙂 xx


  2. It looks like a treat of a castle retreat, SC. Enjoy the weekend stay in North Carolina. Worth the traffic? I’d say from that photo!


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