Navigating life with a teenager….who happens to have bipolar disorder

The Fear of Change

chance change

As I wrote the other day, we applied to a new private school for CJ.  One of my biggest concerns was his grades.  He is currently failing every class….. and this is not because of inability. He simply tends to not show up, both physically and emotionally.  I was also concerned about his bipolar diagnosis. Would they see it on paper and note the medications he takes and judge his behavior based on that?  There are many people who do. Luckily, they had a copy of his current behavioral report and said there was nothing concerning. They also said that they would evaluate him in class to see where his grade level is. So………we got word today that he was accepted.  Now starts a whole other host of worries for us.

First, we will wait to hear about the special needs scholarship.  In the state of GA, most kids with an IEP qualify for a scholarship to be able to switch schools based on need rather than finance.  Hopefully, since this school is approved by this program, the state will pay for most of the tuition.  If they don’t cover it, we will have to sit down and come up with a budget to make this happen.  For a private school, the tuition is actually really reasonable, but still a challenge with all of the other expenses that come with raising a kiddo with special needs.

Next, I will have to go through the lovely process of paperwork. Withdrawing him from his current school, formally enrolling him in the new school.  Gathering documents. Getting medical forms completed. Going school supply shopping…..again. We will have about one month to get this all done from the time of our appointment with the enrollment administrator the week after Thanksgiving to his start date, the week after New Year’s.

Then, once I have done all of the fun clerical stuff, comes the fear that this will be another program that doesn’t work for him. I can hope and pray that it is the type of school he needs, small and specialized….removed from the public school requirements and curriculum. Of course, in the back of my head is the fear that this, our last hope, will not work.  The truth is, he has to want to learn.  CJ says that he is excited to attempt this new school.  He is hoping that because ‘there are more kids like him’ the teachers will be a bit more understanding to his challenges. I can only hope so as well.

So, now we will embark on the next step of our journey. I will pray that we have a Christmas miracle that will carry into the new year. May this be the first step to the rest of CJ’s future. May this change bring a little peace to our lives and a love of learning back into CJ’s.


Comments on: "The Fear of Change" (7)

  1. It’s a really trying time applying for secondary school I feel for you. We just went through it all so I know how it feels I hope you get the one you want x


  2. It sounds as if you have done all of the homework at the front end to make this change the best it can be for your kiddo, SC. Now comes one more big push before the day-to-day reality. Crossed fingers that this school will be the one.


  3. NotAPunkRocker said:

    The things we do for our kids? Hang in there, SC. You are doing what you can and hopefully it won’t be long before you can look back and see what this investment has made in terms of his gains ((hugs))


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