Navigating life with a teenager….who happens to have bipolar disorder

I am still in the midst of craziness with my work day….so a-prompting I shall go.  Today’s pick:

If you could add an extra button to WordPress, what would that button be?

I honestly think that WordPress….and Facebook for that matter, both need a secondary comment button titled ‘debate’. This way, if you simply want to comment, you can do so….but if you want to challenge someone’s lifestyle, political or religious beliefs, you have to use a different thread. It is a way of preparing someone for what they are about to embark on reading.

On FB, there have been way too many times I have wanted to comments on something a friend has said or a link they have shared….but I don’t want to spark a debate or get sucked into one just because I happen to be in a thread.


On WordPress, I love reading other’s comments when I am commenting on a post, but it is disheartening to read negative thoughts amongst all of the positive ones. It is like a shock to the system to be following a thread and have it be hearts and smiles, just to come up to something nasty.  On the opposite side, There are many people who would love to simply participate in the debate side of things and not read the light-hearted comments that the rest of us have written.

How great would it be to have the option to choose?


Comments on: "Let’s Debate About It……or Not" (1)

  1. NotAPunkRocker said:

    That’s one of my favorite xkcd’s ever 🙂

    I would choose “block” for here on WP. I know we can blacklist, but it just isn’t the same 🙂


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