Navigating life with a teenager….who happens to have bipolar disorder

After eating a lovely dinner at a friend’s house today, the newspaper (well, multiple newspapers) were pulled out to rummage through for sale flyers. 5 women sat around and sifted through the many pages plotting their plan of action over the next few days.

I am not normally a black Friday shopper.  About 10 years ago I attempted it with my sister and was appalled at women attempting to steal stuff out of our cart. Last year, my sisters were visiting here and we attempted Target….which opened in the middle of the night.  We spent more time in the line getting in and the line checking out than we did actually shopping.  I wasn’t planning on attempting it again this year….until I saw the Kohl’s flyer.  There were some amazing prices on a few items that I thought would make great Christmas gifts for the kiddo (no, not a $100 50″ tv)……..and bath towels for me (exciting, I know).

jack sparrow black friday

This meant that I had to go stand in line with a bunch of people who were grumbling about there not being enough items in stock (they pass out tickets for certain items to the people waiting)……and complaining about people that they thought were cutting ahead of them. They then herded us in the door like cattle.  A woman I was chatting with in line was shocked that I allowed her to go in ahead of me.  I had no problems finding the items I needed. I then waited in line for a bit longer and had more people surprised that I was kind enough to let them stand in line with me so they could comb through a sweater rack in the center of the aisle…….and I offered another couple use of part of my cart, as their arms were full.  It almost bothered me that people were so shocked that I was being polite.  Why does shopping have to turn into a fight?  I was patient……I wasn’t in a rush…..and I was calmly out of there within an hour.

I know, not the knock down, drag out black Friday story you were looking for…..well, in truth it was Thursday. Maybe there is something that happens after midnight that makes people nuts.  Maybe it is waiting for a store to open by the light of the moon.  From here on out, I will stick to my one-store-a-year pattern.  It seems to be working for me. For those of you who brave the madness for hours on end…..I don’t know how you do it, but have fun.


Comments on: "Not Quite Braving Black Friday" (2)

  1. Cooler head prevailed. Good for you, SC. I’m still avoiding the stores today. I’ll shop on one weekday, 9 a.m. until I’m done, in a week or so. 🙂


    • Normally, that’s how I shop also, Mark. I got into the habit of waiting until the last minute years ago….because I had a kiddo that constantly changed his mind (and his letter to Santa). Now that he is older, he is much better at sticking to his wish list. 🙂


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