Navigating life with a teenager….who happens to have bipolar disorder

The Eyes Have It

Everyone seemed to enjoy my little family story yesterday….so I thought I would share a little family joke with you all, as well.

One day, when we were teenagers, my sister, Tina, had spent the night at a friend’s house. After stopping at the grocery store, my sister got some gum balls out of a machine by the entrance. My mother was trying to have a serious conversation with her on their ride home, but being over-tired and in a very goofy mood, my sister was not paying attention to a word my mom was saying.

After getting frustrated, my mom started grumbling.  Tina took one of the gum balls (that happened to look like an eyeball), sat it on mom’s shoulder and said ‘I’ve got my eye on you’.  Once my mom looked down at her shoulder, my sister threw the gum ball out the window and said ‘keep your eye on the road’.  Thus began Tina/eyeball jokes in my family, years and years of eyeball jokes……..and every conceivable eyeball gift you could find.

Last year, during the Halloween season, I happened to see eyeball ornaments at Target. I decided to go back and get them, but they were sold out.  I did a little digging online and ended up finding some.  I purchased 4, one for me, my 2 sisters and my mom. I gave them with the rule that we each needed to put one on our Christmas tree.  Tina, knowing how unbelievably o.c.d I am about my Christmas trees, told me that she would hang hers, as long I featured mine front and center….and didn’t hide it in the back. I agreed….and spent my holiday explaining the big eyeball in the center of my very traditional green and red tree.  I plan on doing the same this year.

eyeball ornament


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