Navigating life with a teenager….who happens to have bipolar disorder

We had a bit of a crazy week around here.  Monday I ended up in the hospital.  No worries, all is fine…..just my body telling me that I am stressed out…..which we all knew.  They decided to keep me overnight, which led to a week of challenges.

As it turns out, CJ told my husband that he was not going to sleep until I got home…. he was true to his word, and then some.  In an effort to achieve his goal, he did not take his meds for 2 days.  For CJ, lack of meds causes insomnia. The kiddo didn’t sleep for 48 hours.  He told me he took his meds Tuesday evening, after I got home….but he lied.  I knew this as soon as I went in to get him up for school on Wednesday.  He was wide awake and wired.  I requested to see his pill box and he admitted that he hadn’t taken his meds since Sunday night.

I immediately had him take his next round of meds and he crashed.  He slept for 12 hours, woke up, ate and then slept for an additional 8 hours.  He is still ‘off’.  It will probably take him all weekend before he is back on track.  This also means that he missed 2 days of school.

The night after we realized he had stopped his meds, my husband said “you really need to out-live both of us”.  By saying that, he touches on one of my biggest worries.  How would the kiddo function if something were to happen to me?  If he is stressed and can’t take his meds for 2 days, how is he going to function as an adult?  We are only a few years away from that and it scares me to death.

I know, this is a fear of so many parents who have children with special needs.  We are all in this boat together……let’s just hope the boat doesn’t sink, then we would be in real trouble.

Elvis boat

Sorry, had to instill a little humor. Had to go with this cartoon, it made me think of Farmer Farthing. 🙂



Comments on: "Who Goes First, the Chicken or the Egg?" (5)

  1. Oh no! Glad you are ok. Hope CJ is on the mend. It is a fear for many of us.


  2. Glad you got out and are back in the home ocean, SC. Now swimming with CJ is the challenge again. My goodness, I have no words to help.


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