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Minor Christmas Casualties

I got my first holiday card in the mail today.  Yes, I know, it’s early. It was a combined address change/holiday card….so they get a pass on the jump-start to the season. I have to admit, though…..I have been in a seasonal mood lately.  For about 2 weeks now, I have been watching some of my favorite Hallmark channel Christmas movies, last night during dinner I put on the holiday music station and I have been plotting my tree set up plans that will happen the week of Thanksgiving.  In my house, tree set up takes some work…..last year we had 3 and this year I hope to have at least 4.  Well…..I guess I have shown you all one of my addictions.

Yesterday, I was organizing the basement and decided to do my annual review of CJ’s nutcrackers.  He received his first one when he was 4 and became obsessed.  I think he is up to about 45 in his current collection.  The challenge is, he likes to keep them out year round in one area of the house or another……and in our house, accidents happen on a regular basis.  This past year, they were housed in the area of the basement he had claimed for his own.  I will be taking that area back moving forward, so I thought it was time to move the nutcrackers and take inventory on any injuries done in the past year.


Believe it or not, the injuries are few.  One tipped hat, a minor dismemberment, a wobbly toy maker(he may have been sniffing the paint, look at his crooked glasses) and a decapitated Joseph.  Not too bad, considering last year I had at least 8 patients in my hospital.

How do you get ready for the holiday season???