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Stop And Smell The Roses

Another Nano Poblano Prompt for today’s post.

Today is National Make Up a Holiday Day. Make it a good one

Today, I propose we start a National Nature Walk day.  We move so quickly through life, never really taking in the things around us. I say, we all take the day off, shut down electronic devices and take time to appreciate this world that has been given to us, while we still have it. Whether on a mountain trail, in a town park or in our own backyards, we need a day to slow down and really see, smell and touch our environment. Not a day to host a BBQ or give thanks with squabbling family members….just a day to sit and reflect on our little piece of earth.  Who knows how quickly it will become cold and dark, filled with more cement than flowers and more sewer rats than chipmunks and butterflies. We need a day to slow down and really see, smell and touch our environment.


One of my lovely roses

When we bought our house, about 18 months ago, I learned that the previous owners were avid gardeners.  This scared me a bit…..I have a total black thumb and tend to kill any plant that I touch.  Apparently, they really knew what they were doing, because even I have yet to kill any of the flowers or bushes that surround our yard.  It is quite the opposite really, the roses are flourishing, the azaleas are abundant and the hydrangeas love to be cut….which is good, because I love having them in the house.  Every day, when I walk from the driveway to the front door, I stop, lean in and smell the wonderful aroma that are the roses along my walk.  We also have beautiful cardinals that live in our back yard.  I have become just like my grandmother and make sure that I purchase bird seed when I am shopping so the birds will flutter to my deck.  I can sit still for hours and simply watch their beauty.


I think the female cardinals are even more beautiful than their male counterparts.


Do you take time to stop and smell the roses?