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He Enjoys Singing Soft Kitty….I think He Should be Singing Smelly Cat


smelly cat
I have been wondering lately if teenage boys have a damaged sense of smell.  I can have a lovely candle burning in my office that fills the space with the sweet scent of roses and my son will blow it out stating that it smells bad….yet when I walk past his bathroom, the odor that hits my nose is that of a porta-potty.

This has definitely gotten worse since we hit the teen years.  It makes no sense to me.  He can cleanly use bathrooms in public or at friend’s homes.  He can even cleanly use our guest bathroom downstairs or our master bath…..but when it comes to his bathroom, you would think it was a boys locker room that is being used by an entire sports team. I have come to believe that teenage boys are like dogs marking their territory…..and it seems to work. It can be so bad, at times, that my bonus kid, Megan will refuse to even step foot in his bathroom to brush her teeth.


Can anyone explain this to me?  Anyone?  Mothers of older boys, please tell me this will pass.